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This section is all about level files, how to get them, how to make them and how to share them.

You can play different sort of level files in Xye, there are the .kye files which use Kye's level format, you can also use .xsb files (sokoban levels) and, finally the .xye format, which is XML based and that you can generate using the level editor.

If you download a level from the web, you may be wondering how to play it. If you are using the windows, portable version, you should see a folder called levels in your Xye folder. You can place new levels there. If you are using the Linux version or similar, then you can place levels in /home/YourUserName/.xye/levels/ .


Xye includes a level editor which you can access by pressing F1 on the level selector screen.

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Once the editor is open you can click on one of the objects in the bottom area of the editor window, this operation will make certain variations of the object appear which you can also select as you need for your level.

The current version of the editor has some limitations, the .xye level file format has many features not supported by the editor yet. Hint objects will be added in the next version. It is also not possible yet to change object colors or to place two objects in the same position (which is allowed by Xye in some cases).

You can use the (test) button in order to play your level.

The [a] button serves to edit the level text. That is where you can add hints, description, a title and do not forget to include your name or nickname for the author field.

If your level is ready (Please do not forget to place Xye and some gems, so the level can be played :) ) You can use the (Save) and (Save As) buttons to save your level. By default the level the editor opens is editortest.xye (will create the level file if it is missing), after some editor use it is possible this level will already contain some objects the next time you open the editor, you can recover an empty board by using the (clear) button.

Save as allows you to set a file name for your level, but not the folder, your levels are saved in (xye folder)\levels\myLevels\ (windows) or /home/username/.xye/levels (Linux and similar).

The blog

I have started a blog at http://xyegame.blogspot.com which I will use to share new levels. So far all of the levels are mine, but I should soon start sharing levels from other people that first appeared in the now defunct mailing list. I am almost ready to release your levels in there, if you would like to share. Just send them to me attached in an email. Do not forget to include your name. If you do not include any specific licensing conditions, I will assume that everyone is able to use and redistribute the level.

Levels at the Xye mailing list

The Xye google group was a place for all Xye related discussions the files section has been opened for people to share level files, I have also created a New levels page were people could post their levels. Then google decided to remove the pages feature from google groups and left us back to 0.

.Kye level files

Xye is able to play .KYE level files (level files for original kye), and for our luck there are plenty of sites that host a lot of kye files.

Plenty of new levels on the levels section, it also allows you to download the registration levels (over 400). Please note that you are encouraged to donate to a children charity before playing the registration levels.

I recommend sampler.kye it contains some of the best levels and also starts easy.

Home of Python kye and also some very good levels. Just about every set is very interesting . I recommend quests.kye, jungle.kye and problem.kye.

Sokoban Levels

The xsb format is supposed to be the standard way to store sokoban format, although it has many variations. Starting on version 0.7.6 it is possible to play them on xye, with the variation that you still have to get all the gems so little modiffications are done to the sokoban level.

When you find a sokoban level in the web and it claims to be on 'standard' sokoban format then it will most likelly work in xye, you only need to save it in the levels folder ([xye location]/levels/ for win32 and ~/.xye/levels for other platforms) make sure the file's extension is xsb

The web page of David W. Skinner has many (and I mean hundreds) of great sokoban levels. Including microban.xsb which is distributed with the game.

As for version 0.9.1, Xye can also play levels in slc/sokoban XML format, simply download the level files, and change the extension if necessary. http://www.sourcecode.se/sokoban/levels.php contains plenty of sokoban levels in this file format.

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